Monday, March 16, 2009

Fish is back!

Hi Friends.

Hope you are all well. After a health related hiatus from the blogging scene, I decided to drop in again with the occasional post.

I had been blogging on the imminent demise of RE, both here, in the US and world-wide for about two years and well what can I say...we made it! We are into the worst of it in the US, and well on the way here.

I suspect some of you old bears will be coming out of hibernation and wondering IF and WHEN you should be buying. That is going to be the new focus of my blog;

1) How much further down do we have to go.
2) What 'deals' are there out there - mortgages, property, etc
3) What is the buying/renting comparison now.
4) What is the BC economy going to look like in the next two years.

On a personal note, I want to thank Paul B for all the hard work he put into his numbers which led us from the lunacy of the bubble to the promised land of a buyer's market. He will be missed, but I wish him all success in PEI.

Mohican has been pounding out his usual high quality posts (I will get all the links up soon) and of course there are some must read blogs..Like Rob Chipman's and Solipsist's.

I want us to exchange some solid information on how things are likely too shape up.

It's good to be back.