Monday, April 26, 2010

What's with folks??

Inventory is moving up faster than 2008.

We have all time low affordability.

The CMHC monster is being leashed.

Mortgages rates are moving up briskly.

The list/sales are moving UP. (example- West Van- 9 new 4 changes 1 sale)

And yet when I look at the houses bought, they are at list price or a few, tiny, inconsequential % less!

What's up with some folks?? What are their Realtors advising them? Quick bid it up NOW...or else...or else......we will have lots more inventory and it will much more difficult to chose a house!

I doubt it. I am sure they are telling them that inventory is growing, and growing inventory usually brings lower prices (yes, we are different in Vancouver I know) but folks still seem panicked.