Friday, June 25, 2010

$ 1 Billion...

Is that the new Lotto Max jack-pot? Nope it is the cost of the G20 boon-doggle.

What was the rationale for this huge expenditure? show-case Central we are told. You see we had the hugely expensive Olympics to show case Western Canada and so being the fair folks we are, we had to have a hugely expensive event out East to balance things out.

$ 1 Billion. How would I spend $ 1 Billion?

How about $ 1 M each for the families of service-men and women killed in Afghanistan = $ 148 M

Then add in a carton of free milk for every poor kid at school (any who ask for it) = $ 60 M

We know the politicians and bureaucrats want their share - so send them all to an expensive resort to teleconference with each other for a week = $32 M

While we are at it, lets hire 50,000 kids in their university/college breaks to do something useful. Clean stuff up or build something and help them pay for their hugely expensive education. = $ 150 M

That's about it. So we are still left with $ 610 Million. Maybe just use that to repay the debt. Ooops forgot, this is probably borrowed money anyway, since we are running a deficit- so just don't borrow it.

I hope Harper goes in with a bigger message than- 'don't tax the banks'. He seems like a man who's vision for Canada and the world is about as exciting as his suits.

BTW for those of you who still do not believe we have a media monopoly here. Google cost of g20 and click on 'news' - you will get 12 copies of the same article
Without a single word being changed from all the Canwest organs.

The G20 boon-doggle is democracy at it's worst and we have journalism at it's worst covering it.

Here I made it easy for you:

I know I am going off topic. Once we get June behind us, I am thinking of starting the MOI again for different areas. Maybe a different area every few days, so we can how the land lies as we head towards fall and 2011.

Enjoy the week-end.