Monday, June 7, 2010

Fiddling While Rome Burns...

What's with Harper and Flaherty??

They are spending all their waking time trying to shoot down a world-wide bank tax. Harper talked it over with the British PM, Flaherty has been campaigning to get the G20 to drop it.. you can google hundreds of articles and video pieces on it: here's a couple
Boys, it's one thing to go to bat for the banks, but there is a frigging crisis out there. European countries are near default, Canadians have been pulled into the worst debt binge EVER, commodities are faltering... and all you can worry about is the bank tax!


I guess the boys think that they can't do anything about the other issues, so at least make sure they keep their friends in high places happy.

The banks have already had it REAL good. All the toxic mortgages have been insured by us, while they get to eat the difference between what they pay borrowers (ZERO) and what they lend it out at (4-5%)... sounds good to me.

Where can I sign up for that please?

Hence wind-fall profits.

And now we have the G20 meeting in coming up in Toronto at a cost of $1 Billion..huh! No-one heard of video-conferencing. Of course you wouldn't get those TV shots of our leaders riding up in limos to be welcomed in nice new suits, solving the world's problems, saving humanity, fighting the bank tax...