Sunday, April 24, 2011

CMHC and the Calgary Herald - a new low

Regular readers know that IMVHO Canwest has helped to destroy most of the integrity of Canadian Journalism, now that new owners are in charge of the till, I had hoped for better things.

Well what do you all make of this?

It sure reads like an ad for the CMHC. Yet there is no mention of it being an advertisement. At the bottom it says copyright Calgary Herald.

In fact I am sure it is an ad, even if it is disguised to look like an article (a very poor fawning one at that), by the Canwest organ.

An ad makes the sin even worst. Not content with placing you, the tax-payers at risk, not content with helping inflate the property bubble to the detriment of the younger generation, the CMHC is now spending your money telling you how smart and great they are.

Disgraceful - is the only word that comes to mind.