Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 The year of the Water-dragon Starts

And what will it bring for the crazy housing market of Vancouver.

Will it bring the expected throng of Mainland flying in to buy more Multi-Million Dollar homes?

Or will they be a no-show?

Will the inventory build up continue?

Will we get any weakening and if so, will the Fed panic at the first sign of weakening and dive in again to save it from the long over-due correction.

Will Carney grow a set of cajones and stop punishing prudent savers?

How about Flaherty, will he actually mean what he says? He says he won't intervene when the bubble bursts- how likely is he to keep his word when the power of the RE lobby and late-to-the-market owners start complaining.

..May the dragon's tongue of fire burn all the speculators and absentee owners and bring with it a scorching of the edifices of wood that sell for gold and allow the sprouting of new hardy plants which have not been able to reach the sun's rays...