Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ghost streets

MOI coming up tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I had a very interesting conversation with a couple of West Van realtors. They said there were some streets in West Van which are basically 'Ghost streets'. Almost all the houses are owned by Mainland Chinese owners and are mostly unoccupied and sitting there as insurance or to park money- or for rent at exorbitant amounts (hence mostly unoccupied too).

You can tell how devoid the street is of habitation by the very few garbage cans that are put out on garbage days.

They mentioned Westhill as a hot spot and certain streets in the British Properties. Should we be pleased that we have owners who are elsewhere paying taxes for the services we all use, or upset that houses come out of the over-all stock putting strain on those trying to live here.

Should we even care. Yes, I know China is very tough on outsiders owning property and has even clamped down on Chinese owning multiple properties, but we are different.