Friday, April 5, 2013

Healthy Lunch Round Up

We have made a conscious effort to be healthier this year. We have jumped on the "whole foods" bandwagon and have been buying more organic and sticking to what we call "God foods." Foods that come from the earth and not from a manufacturing plant loaded with nasty, bad-for-you chemicals. We haven't completely knocked out all the junk, but I would say we are 85% there.
I'm so glad that we decided to do this before the kids were older. They are completely on board with the change in our diet. 
It makes my heart swell with pride when they ask for an apple or grapes for an afternoon snack instead of fruit snacks or some other form of junk food.
Their school lunches have had a makeover as well, and I have been sharing them on Facebook.
Since everyone isn't on Facebook...shocking, I know;o)... I thought I would share what the kids have been taking in their lunch boxes.

Shredded Chicken, Organic Crackers, Celery with Peanut Butter, Strawberries, Grapes, and Homemade Cupcake(recipe to follow soon)
 Whole Wheat Pita with bananas and peanut butter, sliced apples, popcorn chips, and homemade Lara Bar(recipe to follow)
 Sliced turkey, organic crackers, homemade whole wheat bread sticks, almonds,  and tangerine
 Ham and Gouda sandwich, carrot sticks, tangerine, and organic trail mix
 Diced baked chicken, cubed mozzarella, homemade pumpkin and chocolate chip muffin, carrot sticks and strawberries
 Sliced turkey, almonds, carrots, organic crackers, homemade applesauce, and tangerine
 Homemade chicken nuggets(recipe to follow soon) sliced carrots, sliced cheese, and strawberries
 Whole Wheat Waffle with homemade peanut butter, zucchini muffins, crackers...etc.
Do you feel inspired to start making healthier lunches for your family?
Have you jumped on the whole foods bandwagon? What are your kids' favorites? As you can tell, we go through a lot carrots:o)
We also supplement our diets with a drink called Smart Mix. It's a nutritional drink that we have been taking since last November, and we are healthier than we have ever been. I am such a believer in this product, I decided to become a distributor for the company who produces it, Zija.
My kids ask for it every morning, and that is a huge relief, since I could never remember to give them their vitamins.
I have added a link on my side bar which takes you directly to my website to find out more about this amazing product line. It looks like this:
I am also going to be making a few changes here on the ole blog, and I will be discussing more health and nutrition along with the crafty stuff. This is a major part of who I am, and I would like to share that side as well. So I hope you'll stick around!!